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Stream of Sound

WE are an acappella choir of enthusiastic singers who range in age from 12 to 25. We meet every Tuesday during term time and spend an hour learning basic repertoire; the following hour is for more experienced singers who are committed to giving performances of a high standard. We are led by Caroline Price who believes strongly that there is a singer in everyone, and an important part of the way we work is that older singers share their expertise with younger ones.

THE choir was formed eight years ago after hearing the American choir Northern Harmony. We started with just a dozen people, but today there are usually around fifty singers at our rehearsals on Tuesdays, and there are another twenty who join us when they can at weekend rehearsals and concerts. We also run ‘Singing Days’; workshops to encourage others to sing and we hold two residential weeks every year, following each with a  concert tour. This year we are going to sing in Normandy!

SO what type of music do we sing? Well, we started with hymns of the early American settlers- known as shape note hymns- with their strong harmonies and fuging sections. From there we moved onto vibrant African church and folk songs. We discovered the haunting harmonies of Bulgarian and Eastern European traditions and then the excitement of the ancient three part songs from the Caucasian Republic of Georgia.

HAVING explored the world a little, we then started looking for our own traditions and were soon involved in exploring the pre-Victorian West Gallery hymns as well as the wealth of folk songs from these islands. Nowadays we also include Gospel, Jazz Standards, Blues, and Renaissance Madrigals-and anything else that is fun to sing in harmony!

ALTHOUGH we do use written music, we also learn by ear and we always perform from memory. We’ve sung in all sorts of places from festivals with audiences of a couple of thousand, to tiny churches with small congregations and all have been great fun!

IF you’re keen on singing - or would like to try it out do get in contact with us.


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