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The Life Force Project ( LFP)




The Web Of Life on our planet is immensely strong & immensely fragile.

vanyaSweeping through this web, the tides of life & of time, of spirit, thought & emotion contract & expand in their eternal rhythms.

At this moment, it seems as though we are caught in the fist of contraction so tightly that we can see no way forward.

As human beings we have forgotten that there is a PROCESS & our thinking & our feeling is contracted into anxiety, sickness & anger - a self destruct which is  affecting all levels of life around us.

We have forgotten that we can choose to be contracted in mind, body or spirit - or we can expand & work towards the spring which is waiting for us.

These are the questions & challenges today whether we are nation, organisation, community, religion or individual.

In this website you will find some of the efforts of a small group of people in the Nilgiri Hills of South India who are trying to address these issues.

Earth Trust is working to give tools to village people to farm their land in a sustainable way, to develop responsibility for Primary Health solutions with traditional answers and to give rural children inspiration, skills & passion for revitalising their communities & land.


The Nilgiri Hills are a heart shaped island rising in great ghats from the lowlands of what are now Tamilnadu, Kerala & Karnataka. They lie at the junction of the East  & Western Ghats of South West India and play a critically important role in  the  water systems, energy & shakti of South India.They consisted of ancient Palaeolithic grasslands covering 20 by 35 miles of undulating hills. Over  thousands of years the tropical, evergreen forests moved up the waterways, changing to become the unique & endemic “Shola forests” rooted on rocks older than the Himalayas. It was one of the earliest places in the world to be registered as a unique Biosphere Reserve in an effort to protect its unique population of  plants & animals.

Its Devas and the divinity of nature which honoured & grounded the life of the tribal communities there became irrelevant to incomers over 150 years of invasion, & as with the Native Americans, the new arrivals destroyed the sacred rivers, buried the grasslands & landscape under unplanned concrete structures & alien monocrops & plantations. It all seemed a good idea at the time…